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Welcome to StudyMedieval!! A site dedicated to sharing knowledge of the Medieval world with the modern one we know today. The knowledge here is gathered from a multitude of sources, trying to remain as accurate as possible to known historical facts. However, as was true then as it is now, to err is human. If any information on this site is found to be incorrect, please email me and I’ll do my best to correct the mistake. In the meantime, I invite you to dive into the past, into a world very much different than our own, yet so similar in many ways. This fascinating realm of Kings and Queens, of Knights and Nobles, of great heroes and devastating conflicts. History is alive and well my friends, ready for you to explore!

Medieval Armor

Explore what protected the soldier, the warrior, the Knight. What did these brave men rely on to protect their lives while they served the Kings and Kingdoms of this ancient world.

Medieval Weaponry

War is upon us, a kingdom is threatened, a realm disturbed. Many things matter in war, who you fight for, what you stand for, and how you fight. Discover what these brave warriors took to war, to defend their God and country

Medieval Castles

What does it take to defend a King, a kingdom? Surely it requires more than a strong army. These structures built with impenetrablility in mind, with high walls and immense fortifications, held back Empires for hundreds of years.

Medieval People

Discover the people who made history what it is today. Those who shaped history, those forgotten, those remembered. Learn of Kings and Queens, of nobles and peasants. Those who ruled and those who served. Experience the history they created.

A Timeline of History

An epic story spanning a thousand years of history, of truth. Daunting is the task at hand, to explore history in all its splendor, a vast wealth of knowledge can and should be overwhelming. Embrace this past, this history with much vigor and the riches will be beyond measure.